Dial Around the World - Prepaid Phone Cards with Personal PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)

Instant PINs available through the Internet so you can start making calls immediately with your prepaid calling cards. With your personal PIN, enjoy rates as low as 4.9 cents per minute, from your touch-tone phone, to anywhere in the continental USA.

Welcome to DialAroundTheWorld.com, the latest innovation in prepaid calling offering calling cards online that give you instant pin numbers and save you money on all of your long distance calling, domestic and international.

DialAroundTheWorld.com is a phone card distributor that allows you to use the power of the Internet to purchase calling cards online at substantial savings and use them in a virtual instant from any touch-tone phone in the USA - no hassles, no waiting! 

If you are interested in saving BIG bucks on all of your long distance calling, without a bunch of hassles or hidden fees, then check us out. We think that using a phone card distributor like DialAroundTheWorld.com is a great way to make calling cards online and we think you will too!
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