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How To Dial

    Step 1
    Choose a local access number that is not a toll call from the number that you are calling from. Dial this local access number.

    To dial from an area that is not local to any of the local access numbers avilable, for an additional $0.04 per minute, dial 1-800-724-7857.

    1-800-724-7857 is available at this rate from the 48 states in the continental USA.

    Step 2
    You will be prompted for your choice of language.

      For ENGLISH, Press *0
      For SPANISH, Press *1
      For PORTUGUESE, Press *7
      For GERMAN, Press *5
      For CHINESE (Mandarin), Press *8
      For RUSSIAN, Press *6

    Step 3
    You will be prompted for your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please enter it now.

    Step 4
    The automated operator will then tell you the balance left on your card in US dollars.

    Step 5
    You will then be prompted for the telephone number to dial.
      For DOMESTIC calls: Dial the area code and the telephone number. (10 digits)

      For INTERNATIONAL calls: Dial 011 + country code + city code + telephone number.

    Step 6
    The automated operator will then tell you the number of minutes you have available for the call you placed.


  • To place another call, press ##

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